Silver Nine Volt Heart

Join your host Rodriguez as he swings the gate wide open for a cool musical trip featuring sounds from all points of the compass.  Being mindful that "everything connects to everything else," on Silver Nine Volt Heart  you will find the many colorful threads that make up the tapestry of recorded sound ... just click it on and let the music start. 

Replays Friday 10pm-Saturday 12am, Saturday 2-4pm
Live Thursday 4-6pm
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Silver Nine Volt Heart for Sept. 14, 2023, starts with the great Link Wray

In today's Silver Nine Volt Heart you will hear the sounds of Link Wray, The Wailers, Nashville Honeymoon, and much more.

Wray's performance of "Apache" opens the show. Wray (1927-2005; photo shows cover of his The Pathway Sessions album) is in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, which says "If there is one musician with an overriding influence over all rock guitarists – from 1960s British rock to 1970s punk to 1980s hardcore to 1990s grunge – that musician is Link Wray. Every young rebel who has donned a leather jacket and slashed away at an electric guitar with loud, distorted abandon owes [him] a significant debt."

And once that song wraps up, well, DJ Rodriguez is only getting started.

Silver Nine Volt Heart for July 20, 2023: Filling in for Rod

It was an honor this week to fill the seat normally held for Rod. I tried to stay true to the vision of Silver Nine Volt Heart.

In a wonderful mix (or thread) of music, I have included some local artists: Boot Juice (with a new single), Adrian West (and his amazing electronic fiddle), Nat Lefkoff ( a tribute song to his late grandmother) and Jim Fowler (a tongue-in-cheek music journey about his daily commute).

Thank you, Rod.

Pieter Pastoor

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Greetings and Salutations Rodriguez,

Thanks for playing The Grateful Dead. As a dead person myself, I could really relate to the sentiment of Playing In The Band. In the end, each of us has a particular note to play in the web of life. Your repeated dedication to The Dead and bygones long ago, keep you qualified to remain amongst the living as a true Champion! May Your Bones Rest Easy In The KDRT!



The Alchemist 

Submitted by The Alchemist on Fri, 03/15/2024 - 11:00pm

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