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Homeschooling & Acme Theatre- this week on Road Scholars!

This week, Road Scholars chat with members of the Acme Theatre Company, a young-adult-led, peer-mentor-based acting company based here in Davis, CA. Emily Henderson, artistic director, Jake Kelly and Sarah Vermaizen, Acme company members, share their experiences as members of the Acme Theatre company. They each talk about their own homeschooling stories, and how participation in Acme’s productions has enriched their homeschooling experiences.

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Comments all lit up and gooping all over the place!
Just one more reason to enjoy the luxury of KDRT studios...

Glad to hear it - thanks, Radha!

Auntie Peka

Great job, folks! You overcame a few glitches, sounded good on the air, and did an informative and lively show.

Well, thanks, Don - we couldn't have done it without you. Hold onto your hats for this week's show - just the gals (minus Gen, who's home sick with the boys). We'll be shooting from the hip, so.. should be fun!!

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