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The Folk Brothers—Bill and Peter—explore an eclectic range of music, including traditional folk of the British Isles and the U.S, contemporary singer/songwriters on both sides of the Atlantic, and American roots music and some of its lesser-known offshoots. Tune in for a great music mix served with just a shake of sibling rivalry.

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The Folk Brothers for Nov. 3, 2021: Song to a Refugee

Diana Jones' latest album, Song to a Refugee, is a collection of songs based on the narratives of people seeking asylum from violence and political retribution in their homelands. This morning we played "We Believe You," inspired by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's testimony of the dehumanizing consitions she encountered on the USA/Mexican border. The song features co-vocals from Steve Earle and Peggy Seeger, as well as Richard Thompson's unique guitar-stylings.

Also on today's show: new music from Reg Meuross, Jake Xerxes Fussell, Anais Mitchell, The Punch Brothers, Dave Nachmanoff, and more!

The Folk Brothers for Oct. 27, 2021: The Clock Winds Down

This morning we debuted a new track, "Clock Winds Down," from Christy Moore's forthcoming album Flying Into Mystery. It's a dystopian take on the effects of climate change as penned by Seattle songwriter Jim Page. Also on today's show: a beautiful, new rendition of Kate McGarrigle's "Talk To Me Of Mendocino" from Karine Polwart and Dave Milligan, as well as new tracks from Dublin's Irish/Americana group I Draw Slow, Glasgow's Assynt, Nashville-based fiddler/realtor Christian Sedelmeyer, and San Francisco-based Noctamble. And much more!

The Folk Brothers for Oct. 20, 2021: Siccar Point

In summer 1788, geologist James Hutton sailed along the coast south of Edinburgh to Siccar Point, where outcropings of vertically-tilted gray slate were (and still are) overlain by nearly flat-lying red sandstone. A product of the Scottish Enlightment, Hutton correctly reasoned that it would be impossible to explain what he observed in the context of an Earth that was -- as then believed -- only 6,000 years old.

Hutton is considered the father of modern geology, and the first who proposed the concept of "deep time." On their new album, Karine Polwart and Dave Milligan tell the story of Siccar Point much more elegantly. Also on today's show, new music from Jason Isbell, Two Bird Stone, Adam Holmes, Martyn Joseph, Geoff Muldaur, and Norman Blake.

The Folk Brothers for Oct. 13, 2021: Remembering Paddy Moloney

This morning we pay tribute to Paddy Moloney, the founding member and moving force behind The Chieftains. Paddy's Uilleann pipes and tin whistles guided the Irish cultural ambassadors through some 44 albums, six Grammy awards, numerous film scores, and musical collaborations with nearly everyone in the world of folk, country, and rock, not to mention many memorable shows at The Mondavi Center in Davis.

Also on today's show: music from Flo Perlin, Spiers and Boden, James Hill, Tennessee Jet, Arlo McKinley. And more!

The Folk Brothers for Oct. 6, 2021: Songs of Irish emigration

Today's show starts with a set of songs inspired by 19th and 20th century Irish emigration. First off is Tim O'Brien's tune, "The Crossing," followed by another lament about leaving for Amerikay: Karine Polwart and Dave Milligans' new rendition of "Craigie Hill." Starting in the late 1800's, Irish laborers flooded the United Kingdom, as addressed by the next two songs: Josh O'Keefe's version of "McAlpine's  Fusiliers," and Christy Moore's cover of Jimmy McCarthy's song "Missing You."

Also on today's show: new music from Martha Scanlan, Aoife O'Donovan, Dirk Powell, Tre Burt, Vincent Cross, and Frank Richard.

The Folk Brothers for Sept. 15, 2021: ISHILA and Red Meat

In advance of their outdoor show at The Fireside Lounge in Alameda this Sunday (Sept. 19), we played tracks from the most recent albums of I See Hawks In LA and Red Meat. Also this week: new music from Graham Rorie, Sam Kelly and The Lost Boys, Kyle Ledson, and Long Haul Paul.

Stream in for the music and stay for some fun facts, such as: Why did Orcadians make up the majority of the employees of The Hudson Bay Company, and how did a Bluebird travel more than 300 mph over Coniston Water in 1967?

The Folk Brothers for Sept. 8, 2021: Folk musicians strike back

Many Folk/Americana musicians -- like those featured on today's show -- have never shied away from calling out hypocrisy and injustice. Jackson Brown has long championed the anti-war movement. Iris DeMent (pictured here) advocates for women's rights. And Jason Isbell has challenged the intolerance and ignorance of many country music fans: recently he has advocated for proof of vaccinations to attend his live perfromances. Also on today's show, new music from Spiers and Boden, Adam Holmes, The Faux Paws, and a 50-year-old classic track from Lindisfarne.

The Folk Brothers for Sept. 1, 2021: Musical happenings at Ruhstaller Farm

In the first half of the show, we featured new music from Watchhouse, I See Hawks In LA, Big Red Machine and Dean Owens, as well as a classic track from The Young Tradition. The morality tale "Lyke Wake Dirge" is the subject of the most recent episode of the innovative podcast "Old Tunes Fresh Takes."

Then we spoke with Joe and Pamela Gregg Craven about their efforts to help (re)foster community through the musical events they have been organizing at Ruhstaller, a new hop farm in Dixon. Currently the Cravens are bringing music to Ruhstaller on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays -- see the farm's upcoming events.

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Davis resident, Dave Nachmanoff is an award-winning singer-songwriter and renowned guitarist.  He tours nationally and internationally as a solo act, as well as valued accompanist to Al Stewart.  Over the many years he has resided in Davis, Dave has been a generous supporter of this community.  In a rare local appearance, Dave will be doing a benefit concert on December 12th for Yolo Food Trucks who are raising the funds to purchase a new refrigerated truck.   Dave will be joining the Folk Brothers live in the KDRT studio between 10 and 11 AM on Wednesday, Dec. 9th.   He’ll bring his guitar, play some songs, talk about his storied musical career, and tell us why we heard him singing in Starbucks across North America last month. Please join us!



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