The Folk Brothers

The Folk Brothers—Bill and Peter—explore an eclectic range of music, including traditional folk of the British Isles and the U.S, contemporary singer/songwriters on both sides of the Atlantic, and American roots music and some of its lesser-known offshoots. Tune in for a great music mix served with just a shake of sibling rivalry.

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The Folk Brothers for Oct. 26, 2022: Folk Songs of Black British Experience

Angeline Morrison, daughter of a Jamacian father and Scottish mother, has just released a landmark album, The Sorrow Songs: Folk Songs of Black British Experience. Each track features the story of an African -- mainly brought to Britain enslaved in the 18th century -- whose life stories were poignantly resurrected through Morrison's extensive research.

This morning, we played "Black John" about John Ystumilyn, who was brought to a Welsh estate as a boy in the early 1800s and subsequently became a freeman and a respected horticulturist.

The Folk Brothers for Oct. 5, 2022: Remembering Mary McCaslin and Joe Bussard

This past week, we lost singer-songwriter Mary McCaslin as well as the obsessive 78 rpm collector Joe Bussard.

Through her solo work and recordings with her partner Jim Ringer in the '70s, McCaslin helped create a unique California-centric folk style. Her songs continue to resonate and her influence on other singer-songwriters ensure that her musical legacy will continue.

Bussard -- an amateur musician -- was passionate about perserving recordings made by unheralded jazz, blues, folk, country and gospel musicians during the first half of the 20th century. He eventually released some of these recordings through his own label, Fonotone.

The Folk Brothers for Sept. 28, 2022: Mongolian mayhem

Brother Bill is back, fresh from the Eagle Festival -- the bird, not the band -- in far western Mongolia. Of course he managed to bring back some traditional and not-so-traditional music, including by The Hu -- not The Who -- a folk metal Mongolian band now touring the States.

Where else can you hear throat-singing metal except on The Folk Brothers?

The Folk Brothers for Sept. 21, 2022: Remembering Paul Sartin

A leading light of contemporary English folk music, composer, singer, fiddler and oboist, Paul Sartin passed away unexpectedly last week in Oxford, just before taking stage. Although he rarely performed under his own name, Sartin was a founding member of the bands Belshazzar's Feast, Faustus, and Bellowhead. He collaborated widely and was beloved throuhout the British folk community, none more so than in Hampshire, where he co-founded the Whitchurch Folk Club.

The Folk Brothers for Sept. 7, 2022: Far-flung folk

While Brother Bill is away for the next few weeks finding new sounds in faraway lands, I decided to explore the sonic landscape a bit farther afield this week myself. So in addition to the usual fiddle and banjo stuff from Appalachia and the UK/Ireland, I dipped into some goth folk from Canada's Mama's Broke, some Americana from Australia's Weeping Willows, and how about some electronic dance folk from France's Green Lads (pictured here). And how about that heat wave, Davis!

The Folk Brothers for Aug. 31, 2022: More songs about miners

Last week, we played a few sets of songs about coal mining. Then the folk music police saw our playlist and informed us that we needed to be more inclusive, so this week we've diversified a bit and included a few songs about hard rock miners too. But mostly more songs about coal from the likes of Jean Ritchie (pictured), Jez Lowe, Caroline Herring, Doc and Merle Watson, Merle Travis, and Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard.

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Davis resident, Dave Nachmanoff is an award-winning singer-songwriter and renowned guitarist.  He tours nationally and internationally as a solo act, as well as valued accompanist to Al Stewart.  Over the many years he has resided in Davis, Dave has been a generous supporter of this community.  In a rare local appearance, Dave will be doing a benefit concert on December 12th for Yolo Food Trucks who are raising the funds to purchase a new refrigerated truck.   Dave will be joining the Folk Brothers live in the KDRT studio between 10 and 11 AM on Wednesday, Dec. 9th.   He’ll bring his guitar, play some songs, talk about his storied musical career, and tell us why we heard him singing in Starbucks across North America last month. Please join us!



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