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Davis has a very unique musical scene — from the Mondavi Center’s formal performances to the local clubs where bands and upcoming artists hone their craft. Local and visiting musicians  are captured by Jim Buchanan on our Live Tracks program. On Davis Music Connections, we play past Davis bands of note, along with those who are currently touring, taking a little bit of Davis to the rest of the world. We also bring you a taste of world-reknowned artists who have appeared or will appear at the Mondavi, especially the jazz performers due to Clyde's lifelong love of jazz and Latin music.  Also, we play whatever we want.

Replays Tuesday 3-4pm, Thursday 10-11am
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Davis Music Connections, April 20, 2021: Featuring Bob Dunning

On this week's show the infamous Bob Dunning joins Clyde & Ned (in Ned's driveway) for  a lot of laughs on topics ranging from the Cal Aggie Marching Band (uh) to the old Hunt-Wesson factory to radio talk shows to the...


... along with plenty of music close to Bob's heart (for various reasons you will hear).

Davis Music Connections, April 13, 2021: Continuing local tributes for Women's History Month and remembering Cathy Speck

In this episode Ned and Clyde "celebrate" their 55th pandemic show produced from home in their typical upbeat, humorous, and slightly irreverent style. Additionally, they continue their highlighting of women musicians for Women's History Month (extended) and honor the passing of Davis' good cheer ambassador Cathy Speck.  In his Davis Enterprise column of Sunday,  April 11, 2021 Bob Dunning wrote a beautiful tribute to Cathy Speck, which said, in part, "Put simply, Cathy Speck is one of the greatest human beings God ever put on this Earth.  She taught us love and compassion and true friendship".  Ned and Clyde provide a tribute to end their show,  and add that Cathy taught them strength and courage, as she spent her life promoting understanding, love, and acceptance, while working tirelessly for those who were discriminated against for being different.

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Yes, the Wave sounds are cool. It gets the show off to a fun start. Very professional....really enjoyed what you are doing.

Submitted by Ruth Chambers on Mon, 08/07/2017 - 10:24pm

Hi Clyde:

I loved your show on July 25! All great musical selections and very diverse.  You've got a nice easy-going DJ style too. That was a fun bit with the wave sounds lapping on the shore.  Nancy/CowboyTracks


Submitted by Nancy Flagg on Fri, 07/28/2017 - 6:06pm

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