Listening Lyrics playlist for 11/28/2012

Wed, 11/28/2012
Artist Title Album Label Link
Sixth Finger Paint It Black Bossa N' Stones
The Wood Brothers Chocolate On My Tongue Ways Not To loose
Broken Water Say What's On Your Mind Whet Perennial Records
Drifters Saturday Night At The Movies Good Life With the Drifters
Lincoln Johns Crushing It Kerbungeon 1980 Records
Craig Einhorn Vincent Obras
Bob Dylan Series of Dreams The Bootleg series
Wright, Charles, & 103rd. St. Rhythm Band Express Yourself Express Yourself
Loner Everything Comes and Goes
white hOle Circus

[img_assist|nid=10855|title=Evan Clayburg|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75]This show interviewed local artist Evan Clayburg, including some of the music that has inspired him.

Evan Clayburg, a Davis transplant who, 2 years ago, ventured from Chicago to visit his cousin and now Davis is home. Evan, is a self-trained musician, visual and performance artist. Evan was eight years old when he picked up the guitar and has played in various DIY (do it yourself) bands over the years. He is currently involved in 3 local bands, Ennui Trust, White Hole, and Loner. Ennui Trust currently finished a west coast tour with a stint in Canada.
His visual and performance art has been shown and performed thru out northern California

During Evan's interview he mentioned his uncle made him a baritone guitar, here is a link to his uncles site,


Nice to have an outlet like this, thank you

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