Listening Lyrics playlist for 10/10/2012

Wed, 10/10/2012
Artist Title Album Label Link
Joe Harnell Fly Me to the Moon Fly Me to the Moon
Yusuf islam When Butterflies leave An other Cup
Evergrey The phantom letters Glorious Collision
Addison Road Hope Now Addison road
Brian Wilson Heroes and villains Smile
Alanis Moriissette Flinch Under rug Swept
Evergrey Faith restored The Inner Circle
Killswitch Engage The end of a Heartache The end Of A Heartache
Anthony Hamilton Do You feel Me American Gangster
Adele Chasing pavements Hometown Glory
Suzanne Ciani Butterflies Pianissomo

Interview with poet and writer Jessica Kristie.


The poem Pieter read on this weeks show:


Gear life with brakes
Brakes enable
Enable acceleration
To chase dreams
Embrace passion

Brakes function as anchors

With brakes
I dare open the door to my soul
Jump through it and explore

With brakes
I can climb the heavens.
Question our universe

With brakes
I can stand in front of you
Sharing myself with poetry

Brakes allow me to run
To be of service

Brakes empower
Check your brakes
And soar

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