A new school year is starting up...what would you like to hear at the 5pm hour?

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Public affairs and comedy seem tied for now at 30 %.

At this point, how do you tell the difference?

Public affairs are a joke and comedy is political.

I think we'll need to let attrition determine this outcome.

I would love to hear some more jug band music, OLD country /western (30's/ 40's) and blues. Any one of the above.
Whoever does your programming in these genres is very very good. W. Estabrook, Davis


If many folks are commuting within Davis, perhaps something "backgroundy" would be better than something one needs to pay lots of attention to in order to 'get'. I'm thinking that I drive less well when I'm listening to the news or people talking.
But I don't commute at 5:00pm. Now if you asked the same question about 7:00 am ...

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