Occupy Davis, on Davisville

yolo archive Occupy Wall Street began in New York as a protest against greed. Then it spread and came to Davis in October, complete with a camp in Central Park. Like many folks, I wondered … why Davis? Is Occupy Davis pursuing specific changes in Davis, or is this only a local expression of a protest occurring elsewhere? The Davis Wiki page has a good discussion (although the discussion falls off sharply after mid-October), and there’s more on the Davis Occupy Facebook page. The Enterprise, Aggie and Vanguard have all published articles and comments about Occupy Davis. Clearly, an interview with some Davis participants could be useful. And that’s what this edition of Davisville is: a discussion with UC Davis students Artem Raskin, left, and Sean Zweifler, right. They talk about Occupy Davis--what they and other participants are doing, how the group works, how it connects to the larger movement, its size, and, among other subjects, the purpose behind the campout. Which, now that the weather has turned cold and wet, includes a big tarp over most of the tents.

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