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A big Thank You

     A big Thank You goes to Pieter for his kind blog work on my behalf.  Yes, Candi did a super job in getting a full page in the Living History newsletter all about "The Chambers Street Theatre" on KDRT FM Radio.  Then Pieter picks up the full page and places it on the KDRT web page.  Wow.  

     Surely everyone now knows all about sharing information from one group to another.  Ganted sometimes we forget all those newsletters are available for crossover and that's what Pieter did here.  Thank you Pieter. The Old Sacramento Living History Program is active in it's own world, but now it's known in the KDRT FM Radio world and back the other way and so on.

     We're all here to have a good time sharing our interests on Radio, and a good team it is at KDRT.  I'm always surprised by the scope of all the producers.  Keep up the good work.