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Perspectives: Try to Get Lost with Joan Frank

On this episode of Meraki Radio: Perspectives, Joan Frank, UC Davis Alumna, joins Alison B to discuss her new book, Try to Get Lost. Try to Get Lost is a book of essays surrounding the truth about travel. Written with clarity and brutal honesty, Joan gives the reader a chance to relive some of her travels and perhaps even... get lost. Joan considers the fulcrum that place becomes in so many conversations and challenges the status quo when it comes to travel as a modern, human, privileged practice. You can learn more about Joan Frank here:

You can listen to the archived show here:

That's Life on September 7th: The Great War Returns

Tune in to That's Life on Thursday Sept 7th @ 1pm! The second talk in the series of "Lest We Forget" will cover the second six months of the war when we see the young draftees disbursed to training camps through out the nation. On the home front we see extensive activity by the Red Cross, YMCA, Schools and the newly formed ultra patriotic "Liberty Leagues".  "Enemy Aliens" now have to register with the government. Some Yolo boys are on the troop ship "Tuscania" that sinks in the Irish sea killing 210 men, and others finally make it "Over There". We also cover the very first causalities of the war and finally our first medal for bravery, the French "Croix de Guerre" is awarded to ambulance driver, volunteer Herbert Hope.