Wyatt Williams talks about the newest live music venue in Davis. February 16, 2018 on Listening Lyrics from 4:30 to 5:00PM

Wyatt Williams, the first and current manager of booking and promotions at Watermelon Music, shares with us the story of Davis' newest live music venue: The Melon Ball (short for The Melon Ballroom). Situated adjacent to the beloved Davis music store, Watermelon Music, The Melon Ball is a 100 person hall that greets is audiences and artists with a professional and humble vibe. Past performers at The Melon Ball have remarked on the space's beauty and feel. The current owner of the hall and Watermelon Music, Jeff Simons, opened the venue for the purpose of having a local space for music teachers to host recitals, receptions, and other performances. The hall has since begun to take its first steps into becoming a regular spot for supporting the arts in and around Davis.

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