TAPS 09/26: Caleb Nichols

I was about to write something that conveyed how much I look forward to this episode while providing some background on our guest, but he did a much better job than I could have at explaining things in an email sent to fans this past July. Good news! You can catch his live set a few hours later at Witch Room in Sacramento in support of Two Sheds. -Danny

Watch/Listen on http://calebnichols.co


In 2006, 07 and 08 I played bass and sang in Oakland indie-folk band Port O'Brien.  You might remember our song "I Woke Up Today"; it was a crazy and fun sing-along and during our shows we invited the audience to shout with us and bang on a bunch of pots and pans we'd drag on stage in a wooden box. Here I am in the video for the song; I'd like to note that I broke my toe during the shoot (at least it was for a good cause). 

In 2009 and 10 I released music under the moniker Grand Lake.  We cracked the CMJ top 200 with our LP "Blood Sea Dream", got some good (and bad) press and played some truly memorable shows (and some poorly attended ones), including opening for Ok Go at the Fillmore, and a few sets with Starf*cker.  
When that band ended in 2011, I hit the road again and toured the US as the bassist for Release the Sunbird, Zach from Rogue Wave's solo project, and also with WATERS, Van from Port O'Brien's newest band.  It was during the WATERS shows, in the summer of 2011, that the idea for my next project, CHURCHES, was born.
CHURCHES started with a bang in 2012 and ended with a meow in 2013 as Glaswegian pop group CHVRCHES became a huge success in what seemed like minutes.  Despite ending in relative obscurity, CHURCHES released some great songs, including the 7" LOVELIFE - a marriage equality anthem that was featured on Paste, Impose and OUT.  We also played a Noise Pop set in 2012 with Fresh and Onlys, and opened for Bob Mould and Imperial Teen; I'm sad that it ended, but good times were had.
Now, in 2014, I am releasing music and performing under my own name.  On Monday I released my first track as Caleb Nichols, which will be included in my first solo collection, out later this year or early next and titled "Double Mantasy".  Links to the song (via my new website) are above the body of this email.  We made a lyrics video for the song with animations that I drew at home.  The song was recorded at Tiny Telephone by Ian Pellici, and I am joined on it by my friends  Zach Rouge, Pat Spurgeon and Jameson Swanagon.
I hope you'll take five minutes and listen to the song or watch the video; it would make me even happier if you'd let me know what you think.
Kind Regards,

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