Rumi Shimada live on Listening Lyrics, this Friday May 17 at 4 p.m.

Listening Lyrics is excited to announce that Rumi Shimada will be our guest this Friday, May 17, at 4.

He's a singer-songwriter from northern California, and released his self-produced album Audiofolds in August 2022. He recorded it in his bedroom studio. Shimada (who is by no means that great at any instrument) played all of the instruments on each of the album's 12 tracks, giving it a quirky, underdeveloped and juvenile sound that (fortunately) enhances and communicates the searching, mysterious, and uncertain feeling of the songs. 

Rumi is also putting together what promises to be a great day of music, The Pink Bandit Music Fest on Saturday, June 29, 11 a.m.-9 p.m. at the Cooper Amphitheater in Auburn, CA.

The performers, all local to the Sacramento, Roseville, and Auburn areas, are mosly relatively low-profile bands. The lineup features indie-folk, jazz fusion, alternative/indie-rock, psychedelic-folk/pop, and dream pop. Rumi says he emphasized finding bands/artists with weird, cool, original sounds, balanced with a healthy amount of catchiness and familiarity. A lot also just happen to be his good friends.

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