Praise Time with Preacher helps the good spirit shine through music

“Movin’ On” by Grammy winners Jonny McReynolds and Mali Music (pictured) closes out this week’s Praise Time with Preacher, and it’s no hardship waiting ‘til the end of the show to hear it. DJ Preacher’s love for gospel shines throughout the whole program. The entire hour is a treat. The man knows the music.

Preacher -- his name, not his title -- wants to lift you up, too.

 “The aim of my show is to help you feel what I believe is inside of all of us, and that is a good spirit that drives us to be the very best people we can be. I hope through my music, I hope through my words, you can feel my spirit,” he says during today’s program. “We fall down, but we get up again. We will work together, we will be with one another, we will help each other, and get each other through these days.”

Tune your spirits up again with this week’s Praise Time with Preacher.

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