Liz Kat (of The Midnight Dip) is in the studio today on Listening Lyrics, March 22, 2019 at 4:00pm

True strength comes from within, like a constant burning furnace that fuels the body and its limbs. Liz Kat, soultress and lead prowess for The Midnight Dip, started the band with a fiery passion and a cacophony of emotions: anger, sadness, love, and everything in between. She wanted to inspire the world and counter the lack of female representation in the local music scene. It was not always sparkles and sass in the life of Liz Kat. She started playing piano when she was seven years old, and only sang when she was alone. Her shyness hindered her from expressing herself musically up until her late teenage years, when she decided to try to play music with other people. Many fears and experiences later and playing in the shadow of men, she’s decided to take the spotlight for the first time. Her messages have a suggestive twist to them to promote body and sex-positivity to women and to confront gender stereotypes. She has sworn transparency, sharing the truth to heal and help. She hopes to inspire others to reclaim their power and share their stories as well.

For those outside of the listening area this program will be streamed live on KDRT

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