Listening Lyrics for July 11, 2014 with Michael Leahy

This week we spend an hour with MICHAEL LEAHY of CROSSBILL RECORDS. We will hear some of the artists on this label discuss how a label select artists. Plus much more. Crossbill Records has been releasing a steady stream of songwriter-based indie folk, rock, americana, and bluegrass albums from its Davis, CA home-base since 2005. Headed by longtime KDVS DJ and “Cool as Folk” concert presenter Michael Leahy, the label thrives as a cooperative effort with releases from friends Tom Brosseau, Brass Bed, Matt Bauer, Appetite, The Loom, Sea of Bees, Garrett Pierce, and Jake Mann making the team push (Leahy is also a basketball coach) for recordings, bookings, tours, and getting the word out.


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