Listening Lyrics April 4, 2014 (4:00PM) with THE SPOKES


The Spokes are UC Davis' only all-female a cappella group and can often be found singing on campus and around the town of Davis.

The Spokes have taken performance tours throughout California, stopping in places like Los Angeles, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco. Their goals for the future include broadening their already diverse repertoire, performing as much as possible, and bringing a cappella music back into the mainstream. Just as a bicycle wheel cannot spin without all its spokes, this all-female, all-fabulous group depends on the dedication of every girl to achieve its goals and remain one of Northern California’s most unique and talented music groups!


The Spokes were created in January 2004 when two former members of the coed a cappella group the Liquid Hotplates decided the time had come for an all-women's group at UC Davis. Co-founders Camaron and Jaclyn posted many fliers in order to find the most entertaining, cute, and fun-loving bunch of girls in Davis. After several rounds of auditions there were eight Spokes, each one dedicated to creating a beautiful sound and having tons of fun. They practiced in the beautiful and brand-new music room of the Infill dorms,


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