Let's Protest - the musical Alexander Hamilton VS protest songs today

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Todays show plays protest songs> Just like Hamilton was

The broadway musical Alexander Hamilton is a huge hit. The younger generation has grabbed on to this amazing story told in a rap/hip hop way. It's really about protest and in America we have not stopped protesting. So today's show I will play some known and not so well known protest songs from around the world. I think we all know that the voice of protest runs deep in song.  The following description is from the site https://musictodiefor.wordpress.com/50-greatest-protest-songs/. Some but not all of the songs were also selected from this site

– A song that has a purpose. A song that doesn’t confine itself to commenting on or bemoaning the ills of the world, but seeks in some small way to change things. It may do this by calling directly for something to happen – “free Nelson Mandela”, by informing us, by appealing to our hearts and our emotions, or by challenging commonly held ideas.

– It follows from this that a true protest song should address a specific issue or issues that are current. Songs about wars and revolutions in days long gone are not included here.

– Finally the song should provoke the listener : shock us, unsettle us, amaze us, inspire us, make us angry, make us sad or make us optimistic. If it doesn’t do any of these things, it hardly deserves to be called a protest song. So be warned : there’s a lot of anger and a lot of emotion in these songs.

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