KDRT moves to 95.7 and gets a new website!

KDRT has moved down the radio dial from 101.5FM to 95.7FM!

Thanks to everyone for your support.  We couldn't have done it without you.

We've also changed our website.  You can now listen to us online from anywhere in the world!

What folks are saying:

Driving east on Fifth Street about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, I sighted a big tower on our roof. Shiny and new, a homespun KDRT flag flew proudly from it. I'd been at the station earlier, left to attend Dr. G's lovely Tea & Tango event, and drove back to find it done. Seeing it--that tangible symbol of our station, our work, our community--I let out a big whoop. Think I scared the guy in the car next to me. :)

Made me very, very happy to see it. Thank you everyone who showed up, participated, supported, etc. I have a new pre-set in my car as of last night--KDRT-LP, 95.7 FM!! Long live grassroots radio.

-Autumn Labbe Renault - Davis Media Access Executive Director

It takes a community to raise an antennae tower!

Here's to many more years of the mightiest low power station in Davis.

Ron Cotterel - KDRT Programmer

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