Interviewing the Eclectic Dinosaur

Four years ago, on Aug. 9, a Brooklyn-born retired steelworker named Lee Renault, a.k.a. The Eclectic Dinosaur, launched a music show on KDRT and has been going strong ever since. Why "The Eclectic Dinosaur?" It's all about the music--a very odd and diverse collection spanning probably seven decades, and full of hidden gems and musical trivia. So, it's eclectic, for sure. And much of it's old, so I think that makes Lee the dinosaur. ;)

He'll be my interview this Wed., Aug. 12 at 10 a.m. on "Speakeasy," as I begin a periodic series of interviews aimed at capturing some personalities and moments from the first 5 years of KDRT's history. Yup--Sept. 24,. 2009 is our little radio station's 5th birthday. I have been involved since KDRT was just a hard-brained scheme, just a gleam in Jeff Shaw's eye. What a ride. It'll be fun to backwrap it.

I should also mention, in the interest of full disclosure, that Lee is also my dad and I talked him into starting this show way back when. I grew up with all this music, so I guess that makes me an eclectic dinosaurette. Eee gads. We'll chat about his music and memories, with hopefully nary a mention of any of my youthful indiscretions...

Tune in Wednesday for the scoop on The Dino.

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