Harry Greer to Play and Discuss music and the Arts Friday May 10, 2019 4:00PM

Harry Greer (HG) is an artist/musician and the founder of the Davis rebel art and music collective known as BRAINMELTER.

BRAINMELTER (at brainmelter.net) is a group of Davis natives dedicated to making Davis/Yolo a haven for the arts and to changing the world through hip art and sick music. Each of the Brainmelters have a completely different style and genre, which means that there’s definitely something for everyone. Hip hop, pop punk, folk rock, cringecore, hardcore, vaporwave, it’s all of it. The whole collective adds up to some fun and colorful local counter culture.

As for Brainmelter Harry, he’s a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, artist, video game designer, and actor. His major music works include the hilarious Exotic Cringe Club (ECC) whose only mission statement is to make the audience cringe as hard as possible, the hardcore band Spines where he screams and plays guitar, and his more mainstream solo acoustic material which is released under the name Harry Greer. His non-music works include the ABZ Tarot Deck (a handmade fortune telling card deck based on the alphabet), the arcade game Math Monsters, and the upcoming music game Beloved, CA.

Catch Harry and the other Brainmelters playing and showing art around town! There's going to be a BRAINMELTER event at Watermelon Music's venue, the Melon Ball, 5/19/19 @7pm and a BRAINMELTER booth at this year's KDVS ORMF Festival at Sudwerks on 5/25/19. Brainmelter: because you can't wash a liquid.

For those outside the listening area this show will be streamed live on KDRT.org

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