Gary Chew's Third Streaming - March 20, 2016

Ginastera Alberto.jpg

ginastera alberto.jpg

Gary has programmed more music this week that channels the Third Stream well.

Motion-picture love themes have about ten minutes time: Alex North, John Barry, and Andre Previn give 3rd Streaming a romantic touch with music from Spartacus, Out of Africa, and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. That's music from the 60s and the 80s.

Leonard Bernstein's early piece from 1942 will be played by Stanley Drucker and Leonid Hambro. That's Bernstein's "Sonata for Clarinet and Piano."

Czech composer Bohuslav Martinu titled his 20th-century work "Three Ricercari" even though the term "ricercare" comes from the Baroque Era. The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra performs it.

"Impressions of the Puna" by Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera (pictured) is another piece you'll want to hear. "Puna" refers to the high-altitude grasslands of South America's Andes Mountains. Ginastera's work is totally beautiful and played as much so by the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Gary's opener is left for last to mention: "The Beautiful Scientist," composed by big jazz-band arranger Patrick Williams, leading his own ensemble. It's a stirring and slightly Bach-sounding chart that Williams wrote with his daughter in mind. It comes from Williams' new release called "Home Suite Home."



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