Gary Chew: Third Streaming (Friday 8/5)

No longer shall you go without hearing Third Stream music if you listen to Gary's record show. That's particularly so when he kicks off this week's program with “Non più andrai,” a bass aria from Mozart's opera “The Marriage of Figaro,” but played by a brass ensemble. The Modern Jazz Quartet gets all bluesy with musical ideas by Johann Sebastian Bach. Oh yes, some really good, but creepy film music is scheduled as well: that being compositions by Angelo Badalamenti. It's music from the David Lynch film, “Mulholland Drive,”and the zany but dark television series, “Twin Peaks.” The mood gets a turn around with chipper melodies from Kurt Weill's “The Three Penny Opera.” Check the KDRT website from replays times ... or catch GARY CHEW: THIRD STREAMING any old time … as pulled off the K-dirt podcast shelf. You won't be sorry.

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