Gary Chew: Third Streaming

Gary celebrates his first full year of hosting and programming this show.  The mix is terrific this week:  Rachmaninoff, Ellington and even Tony Bennett singing a Johnny Mandel love song.  Also listen for a lesser known movie piece by John Barry preceded by Alirio Diaz performing guitar music by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco.  To raise your curiosity a tad, Gary has plugged in music that comes from the big and controversial ensemble known as the Stan Kenton Orchestrea.  Kenton is one of the few openly maligned musicians in American Music.  That's because Kenton was edging his musicians into the uncertain and innovative territory of Third Stream Music ... a little jazz and a little classical music to go with it ... something this program is about.  "Third Streaming" opens with three pieces played by the Kenton band and orchestra; the composers are Stan himself, Art Pepper, Shorty Rodgers and Pete Rugolo.  For those growing up with their ear to the freeway of jazz in the early Fifties, these four men of music were a group with which to be reckoned.   

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