Gary Chew: Third Streaming

Peterson Oscar.jpg

Peterson Oscar.jpg

A varied and listenable mix of music streams your way on "Gary Chew: Third Streaming" Friday at 3pm. 

Gary has creations by Prokofiev, Howard Hanson and Ernest Chausson.  Then from the world of film, two pieces by Thomas Newman, as used for the movie In the Bedroom and Miklos Rosza's Main Theme from Double Indemnity, that 1944 noirish delight with Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck and Edward G. Robinson. 

Tailing out the hour:  Oscar Peterson does "You Stepped Out Of A Dream" as only Oscar can tranfix lovers of piano jazz; the 1st movement of Calendrelli's "Concerto for Jazz Clarinet and Orchestra" will astonish your auditory system as Eddie Daniels solos; the Quartetto Italiano re-establishes the aural beauty of that final movement of Claude Debussy's "String Quarter in G Minor." 

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