COVID-19 Community Report Sept. 29, 2020

My guests on this week's Episode 37 will be Jesse Salinas,  Assessor/Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters for Yolo County, and artist and community organizer NJ Mvondo, to speak about the new Healing Art Project unfolding in Davis.

Jesse's office  is responsible for multiple key functions within Yolo County, but for this show,  we’ll focus on his role as registrar of voters. Jesse’s team has been very busy getting out information about the changes to voting during the Nov. 3 election cycle, and I'm delighted to speak with him and get fully up to speed on what we need to know here in Yolo County.

Artist and organizer NJ Mvondo is best known for her blog, Multiculturalism Rocks!, which celebrates diversity in children's literature. She's currently in the process of launching the interactive Healing Art Project in Davis. Borne out of her concern about our collective stamina in the face of a pandemic, wildfires, and the harms caused by structural racism, she says her hope is that the project proivides ways for us to lift each other up.

Tune in Tuesday, Sept. 29 at noon live on KDRT 95.5 FM and, or catch the replay anytime at the website.


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