COVID-19 Community Report Oct. 20, 2020

Each October, the Davis Cemetery District & Arboretum holds a marvelous Dia de los Muertos celebration. Can you think of a more fitting setting for our local adaptation of this beautiful celebration of life and death that originated in Mexico, and today is celebrated all over Central America and here in the U.S.? Despite COVID, the celebration is on, and we'll hear from Executive Director Jessica Smithers how it's been adapted for this year. We'll also learn about some of the other unique features of this suprising local resource.

Also joining us with news of a big COVID pivot is Bobby Weist, president of Davis Firefighters Local 3494. In addition to being heroes on the frontlines, our local firefighters are tireless in their efforts to help others, all year long, and many of us are familiar with their "Fill the Boot" effort prior to each Thanksgiving, where these men and women stand on street corners at busy intersections and collect cash donations in a fire boot, all of which go to fund their Turkey Basket program. This year's effort is virtual, and he'll share how and when and why to donate.

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