COVID-19 Community Report, April 20, 2021 - Voices of the Pandemic

Since launching this show on March 17, 2020. I’ve interviewed just shy of 100 people representing a breadth of experiences across Yolo County. We’ve heard from elected officials ranging from Congress to school board; from Yolo County’s public health staff, and from teachers, students, and parents. I’ve interviewed artists and musicians; journalists, businesses, and nonprofit leaders. I’ve focused on the science, interviewing epidemiologists, virologists, and hospital administrators. We’ve talked about mental health, homelessness, hopelessness, and resiliency. And through it all, I’ve tried to illustrate that the pandemic has meant many things to many people, and to highlight the ways it has illuminated the holes in our safety net, and the extra burdens borne by marginalized communities. Today I’ve pulled out what I thought were particularly poignant passages from the past 13 months.

Next week will be the final episode of this show. This has been a place to tell the stories of Yolo County in a time bookended by contagion and white supremacy, and riddled with widespread divisiveness but also marked by unprecedented collaboration.   I thank everyone who agreed to speak with me, for their willingness and their candor, and their vulnerability. Many times I heard reflections that surprised me, and I learned a great deal.


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