Concert Review - Lage and Eldridge at Mondavi Center (Nov 5 thru 8, 2015)

Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge performing from their CD, Avalon. 

Last night at the Mondavi Center magic happened. Usually when you go to a concert the stage is filled and tangled with wires, mics, speakers, amplifiers, looping devices and an array of instruments. Last night two gentlemen took the stage armed with themselves, their voices and an unplugged acoustic guitar each. (guitars were Martin vintage 1937 and 1939) They shared only one mic and then they shared their music, a blend of west coast jazz and southern comfort picking. Bewitching all for 90 plus minutes in one set . Their guitars acted like young lovers. Laughing, dancing, playfulness, tenderness, at times their voices told stories but the guitars always added the punch line. Both those guitars made the audience voyeurs, it was all the musicians could do to stop the guitars from making love on the stage. The mix of songs, display of skill and the easy laze stage presence climaxed two of America’s top guitarists. Now, lets all hope that this record will soon also be released as a vinyl LP along with the CD.

Pieter Pastoor

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