AoTW - Album of The Week -6/19/2014 6:00PM with SHIPS HAVE SAILED

Los Angeles is a hub of musical talents that are struggling to get heard. Some of these bands or artists are so good, it amazes that they aren't household names. One such "group" is "SHIPS HAVE SAILED", I say group but the driving force behind SHIPS HAVE SAILED is WILL CARPENTER. Will has spent 10 years in LA creating and playing. With this band he has a set of songs that trully have solid bones. By that I mean the raw songs are well written with lyrics to match. Then he adds a group of musicians and some technical wizardly to create an LP of 6 songs - some lush, some pop, some singer/songwritter. This album has a variety that makes the listener want to hear what else is hidden here. Yes LA should be proud of the fact that it still has the energy and creative force to produce hidden jewels sounds as this
This week will include an interview with WILL CARPENTER as he shares histhought  this album.

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