Amy Goodman event a success!

On Nov. 20, noted journalist Amy Goodman shared with a capacity crowd at UC Davis her unique perspective gleaned from 13 years hosting “Democracy Now!”, as well as selections from her new book Breaking the Sound Barrier (Haymarket Books, 2009). I’ve long admired her work, so it was a thrill to meet her and to hear her resounding support for our community’s independent media outlets. I also enjoyed meeting Denis Moyihan, who's worked with Amy for years on the show and column, and edited this most recent book.

Goodman appeared the same night as students were occupying Dutton Hall on campus. She called one of the students up to the podium to share her story, and what a moment it was for the young woman named Sarah. Goodman also called independent, local media outlets such as Davis Media Access and KDVS “oases in a sea of corporate media monotony.” Much was made that night of Davis, a small city with two radio stations, PEG access television, a community network, daily community and campus newspapers, and the “best in the nation” Davis Wiki. Goodman noted that Davis is nationally recognized for its work in media activism. It was a proud moment for me.

I’d like to thank Kevin Corrigan and everyone at KDVS for partnering with us on this event. “Democracy Now!” airs on both KDVS and KDRT, as well as DCTV Channel 15 on Comcast. I’d also like to thank Dr. Jesse Drew, chair of the program in Technocultural Studies at UC Davis, for his department’s sponsorship of the event and for his welcoming comments, and The Hallmark Inn in Davis and Stretlizia Flowers for their additional support.
Thank you also to the International House and Jeff Oblinger at Inspiration Point Catering for helping to make the pre-event reception special!

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