Alex Elvis Calatayud brings Brazilian music to Listening lyrics Friday 6/3/16

Alex Elvis Calatayud is a percussionist extraordinaire and we have hime for the hour. His smile and love of music and live is very contagious. Elvis is in the group Boca Do Rio . He has just returned from Brazil and will be introducing to us some of the new music he found. Brazil has an ancient history, one that is complex and intricate. This has created a deep sense of culture and heritage as an array of traditions, customs, colors  languages and religious denominations have settled in this South American nation. Music, song and dance remain an integral part of the identity of a society. Even the most primitive of tribes tend to establish their own sort of musical culture. 

As different people set up home throughout Brazil, each brought with them and developed their own unique style of song and music. With time, these different styles have evolved somewhat. Some have remained distinct and unique, while others have influenced modern music and performance to a certain degree. This has created a characteristic sound for Brazil.

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