Album of the Week - Thursday 12/3/15 at 5:00PM - "And, As Always; The Infinite Cosmos" by Stelth Ulvang


Stelth Ulvang And, As Always album cover

This album shows Stelth Ulvang at his best. It's quite a departure from his role in The Lumineers, showing us Stelth has a lot to offer. "And, As Always" is a delightful mix of original tunes that are personal and insightful, and a commentary on life. From the onset, the album keeps the listener engaged, using a very simplistic approach to a full band/symphony on a variety of songs. Stelth clearly demonstrates his ability to master multiple instruments and his skills as the producer for this CD. This is the real deal--the sound quality and Seth's abilities just shine through on each track. 

To describe the CD in a single genre is not possible. It's fun, jazzy, folksy, and even a bit Lennon-esque in in the track "Clocktower." Most of all, it's a very professional and entertaining CD. 

This week's Album of the Week host is Pieter Pastoor.

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