Album of the Week - Lubbock on Everything by Terry Allen -- October 13th 2016

This week's Album of the Week features a classic you may well have never heard of: Lubbock on Everything by Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band from 1979, a record that has over the years become known as a seminal Americana recording. Lubbock on Everything  is visual artist Terry Allen’s love letter to the hometown that he left the day after he graduated high school and drove out to LA with his wife, artist/writer Jo Harvey Allen. It rocks some, but it swaggers plenty…and jigs…and two-steps. It’s really an autobiographical snapshot of West Texas culture, with a couple of stories about Terry’s early experiences in the bigtime art world tossed in for good measure. Rolling Stone called it one of the most important records of the 1970s. We are pretty sure Terry knew that when he recorded it. The deluxe  reissue treatment is being re-released this week!  

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