Album of the Week - Fiona Apple - "Tidal"


Fiona Apple - Tidal cover art

This week's featured album is Fiona Apple's Tidal. Apple's first studio record, it was released in July 1996 on both Work and Columbia Records. By the following year, the release had gone triple platinum, producing no less than six singles. Rolling Stone selected Tidal as one of the best records of the 90s. Quoting RS, "Apple's husky voice and jazzy melodies give an unexpected weight to her confessions on Tidal, as the 19-year-old New York art waif broods over adolescent malaise in off-kilter, insinuating piano ballads like 'Never Is a Promise.' She also comes up with a knockdown theme song in the anomalously hard-rocking 'Criminal,' the anthem of a young woman who's been careless with a delicate man and even more careless with her delicate self." Art waif, indeed.

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