Album of the Week Aug 7, 2014,(6:00PM) Conor Oberst - Upside Down mountain

This week it is Conor Oberst to take the stage front and center. If your into his group BRIGHT EYES and singer/songwriter music you will enjoy this. Oberst can turn a lyric that sticks with you. His new solo album UPSIDE DOWN MOUNTAIN is featured this week.

Tom Moon at NPR writes

"Oberst has been at this songwriting thing for a while. He's shown an uncommon knack for observation and, at times, a willingness to funnel those observations into sturdy if perfectly ordinary vessels — songs that teeter toward the generic. What's impressive about Upside Down Mountain is how effortless it feels. He doesn't work overtime trying to reinvent the wheel, doesn't get twisted up in the veteran songwriter's pursuit of a stunning new insight. Instead, he picks a road and follows where it leads, asking all the responsible questions, referring back to haunting asides and bitter refrains from other songs, and looking everywhere for clues about the restlessness that follows him like a stormcloud. He's not looking for a cure, mind you. Just clues."

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