Album of the Week - 8/20/15- The Autumns' 1997 debut album, "The Angel Pool"


The Angel Pool

Forget about winter. Autumn is coming. 

I did not realize until my friend Len recommended that I play this album for AoTW this week just how perfect it is for the end of summer. It's a bit droney, a bit triumphant (but not in a summer album way), a bit of a reminder that days get shorter. Sometimes you have to think wistfully - but not regretfully - about the things you thought would get to do in the summer back when it was June. And that's what makes "The Angel Pool" the perfect album for the end of August.

If you're not familiar with The Autums, you need to get familiar. Their music is great and amazing and beautiful and the band itself - at least while it was together from '97 to '13 - seemed always on the verge of being the stadium filler that it was meant to be. But, just like the passing of summer that has so much promise in June, some things just never come to fruition.

The Autums released four albums and three EPs between 1997 and 2007. They are all great and I've listened to them off and on over the years - but one just needs to be in the right mood to listen to a whole album, right?

Enter "The Angel Pool." I did not realize until yesterday that this album is perfectly end-of-summer. The band's name is The Autumns after all, but then there are also the album's recurring themes of rain and cleansing and hell, even olives. This is a harvest-season-days-are-shorter-summer-fun-is-over-change-is-in-the-air album. Heck, the first three tracks are 

  1. "The Garden Ends"
  2. "Embracing Winter"
  3. "Sunblush"


Join me, then, for a listening of The Autums' "The Angel Pool." It will be wistful and you won't regret it.


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