Album of the Week - 10/8/15- Hard Working Americans


Album of the week - KDRT 95,7FM

This week Jesse and Pieter feature the debut LP from the Hard Working Americans! This album is Americana at its best, featuring songs rooted in the blues, alternative country, and rock. Hard Working Americans are a super band of sorts, featuring Todd Snider and a group of his friends: keyboardist Chad Staehly (Great American Taxi), guitarist Neil Casal (the Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Ryan Adams & The Cardinals), bassist Dave Schools (Widespread Panic) and drummer Duane Trucks (King Lincoln and Col. Bruce Hampton’s School of Music). Despite Todd Snider’s obvious songwriting abilities, they chose to cover songs from some of their favorite artists, all dealing with day to day struggles of the low-down and down-and-out. Great lyrics, great instrumentation and Todd Snider’s vocals! An anthemic album for those of us on the left side of the tracks. One of my favorite albums from 2014.

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