Album of the Week (10/27) Wand ~ 1000 Days


Wand 1000 Days

Wand is a band that I discovered because my friend Kaz Mirblouk posted a link to their KEXP live performance and I was floored. Over the course of a few weeks, I found myself gravitating to one of their three studio albums on a daily basis. 

This trio has a lot of history with L.A. and Bay Area garage pyschedelic rock artists, such as Mikal Cronin and Ty Segal; performing with, supporting tours and recording with similar producers, such as local legend, Chris Woodhouse. 

1000 Days is their most recent lp (2015) so I'll start with it, but there will be time to jump into the other two. As a pround owner of all three on vinyl, I'll be happy to share Wand with you today. [Then again, Kaz has his own awesome record, so maybe I'll fill the time with a few from it. If not, click here:]

Wikipedia suggests that they're taking their time with the next album. I hope you'll come away from this episode with eager anticipation of that release. And of course, a TOUR! 




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