Album Review: Trail Three, by Jimmy LaFave

Jimmy LaFave has been recording music since the late 1970s, nearly four decades ago, and ever since, he has brought folk-country sounds reminiscent of legend Woody Guthrie to the music scene. Trail Three is no different in that regard, with Jimmy playing his guitar and singing with the passion of many artists that are decades younger than him--but also with the wisdom that comes with experience. Softer tracks like the reflective and peaceful "Secret Garden" and "I'm Thinking of You," a hopeful love song, reflect this wisdom, letting Jimmy craft stories around only his emotionally resonant voice and simple, acoustic melodies. The album contains a number of notable covers, including Eric Clapton's "Blues Power," a multitude of Bob Dylan tracks, including "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Rainy Day Women #12 & #35," and The Band's "The Weight," all of which LaFave plays with his own style, making each song his own. Trail Three is a solid addition to LaFave's catalogue and would be an excellent piece in any folk-country collection, thanks to it's low-key sound and LaFave's obvious talent.

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