Album Review: Sound and Color, by Alabama Shakes

Sound and Color.png

Sound and Color

Sound and Color is the second studio album by Alabama Shakes, an American alternative rock band that has found fantastic success in their short but strong career. Sound and Color is an atmospheric and sometimes psychadelic blend of blues rock, funk rock, R&B, and soulful Americana. Lead singer Brittany Howard powerfully sings mulitple songs on the record, most notably "Gimme All Your Love" and lead single "Don't Wanna Fight." However, the songs in which Howard's vocals aren't as loud can be just as impressive, including single "Future People" and the dreamily psychadelic "Sound and Color." The group has never been more cohesive, seamlessly merging danceable funk guitar beats with blues chords in a way that feels fresh and innovative while staying grounded. Alabama Shakes have dodged a sophmore slump, creating a truly original album that will delight fans of the group while introducing the band to a broader, more diverse audience. Simply put, Sound and Color is an excellent album worthy of multiple listens and many accolades. Alabama Shakes have proven themselves to be one of the best and most exciting new rock bands of the decade, and it will be exciting to see where they go next.

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