Album Review: So Far, by David Myles

David Myles is an accomplished folk artist from Nova Scotia, and he has recorded nine studio albums, a live album, and So Far, a compilation of his greatest hits since his first studio effort in 2005. It is clear that David Myles has never steered clear of his folk roots during his career, and it is a testament to his consistency that So Far isn't uneven, but actually quite smooth and easy on the ears. This could undoubtedly be contributed to the production, which focuses on Myles' smoothing voice and the guitar, leaving other instruments to fill in the background, creating consistent flow throughout all the songs on the album. However, the compilation never branches out, and sometimes the tracks begin to feel a bit repetitive and tedious, such as "Carry Me." However, the livelier tracks, such as "Need a Break," "When it Comes My Turn," and "I wouldn't dance," provide much needed jolts of energy. The slower moments have their highlights too, most notably "Turn Time Off." Overall, this is a agreeable compilation of a solid career, and So Far would be worth a listen for fans of Myles and fans of good folk music.

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