Album Review: For One to Love, by Cecile McLorin Salvant

Ever since winning the Thelonius Monk International Jazz Competition in 2010, Cecile McLorin Salvant has been one of the rising stars in jazz. For One to Love is a fine showcase for her fantastic voice. Her range in both pitch and emotions is remarkable, as she sings both high and low, innocently and angrily. This album mixes originals and covers in a soft, classic style, using only uses three instruments (piano, drums, bass) in a minimalist and simple fashion, allowing Salvant's voice to take centerstage, where it shines. Her voice, combined with romantic lyrics, convey powerful emotion throughout, especially on tracks "Look at Me" and "Monday." The album also has a lighter side, as demonstrated by tracks "Growlin' Dan" and the whimsical "The Trolley Song." For One to Love is a solid third album for Salvant and a worthwile listen for fans of Salvant and classic jazz.

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