Album Review: Mowing, by Michael Nau

The best way to describe Michael Nau's first solo LP, Mowing, is as an alternative indie-folk album that is about as eclectic as it gets. Everything is extremely stripped down and low tempo, leaving plenty of time for reflective lyricism that's laced with introspective observations. Nau's voice is as laidback as the skillful but simple instrumentation, never getting angry or excited, just crowing softly as the tune beats on. The best songs on Mowing are the more upbeat "The Glass," the emotionally resonant "Good Moon," and the funky single "Winter Beat." The album works best when you want to listen for relaxation; it won't pump you up, but it will settle you down smoothly and peacefully. Mowing isn't for everyone, but if you are into laidback indie folk, you can't go wrong with Michael Nau.

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