Album Review: I Was on the Moon, by Owen Plant

I Was on the Moon, Owen Plant

I Was on the Moon

I Was on the Moon is the 7th release by Owen Plant, a folk-pop artist from Georgia with a 15 year career. The folk side of Plant takes center stage on his latest release, a melancholy set of laidback, introspective folk songs. The tunes are emotional but not distraught, optimistic but not exuberant, exhibiting small-town charm alongside radio friendly melodies. Overall, the album offers melancholy vibes to put the listener into a peaceful state of mind. The best track on the album is probably "Riverside," a song about finding peace and happiness by living the simple life "down by the riverside," as the chorus sings. "Unfettered Untied" is another fun and upbeat standout, while the slow, deliberate yet thoroughly enjoyable track "Ride With Me" allows Plant to display his considerable vocal talents. The final track on the album is a surreal, mysterious, and nearly pyschadelic take on Bill Withers' classic song "Ain't No Sunshine." For fans of folk artists such as Ben Harper and Amos Lee, I Was on the Moon is definitely an enjoyable and reccommendable listen.

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