Album Review: Hurricane, by R Dyer and R Thomas

Hurricane, released in 2013, is the third album by independent Mississippi duo R. Dyer and R. Thomas. The experimental-rock team dabbles in many sub-enres on this LP, even bordering on psychedelia, but they manage to stay grounded with a classic blues-rock guitar sound. On their more traditional tracks, they create a passionate atmosphere, with earthy vocals singing vague but thought-provoking lyrics. The best examples of this on the record are lead track "Butterfly" and title track "Hurricane," which provide six minutes of fun and inventive rock and roll. On the experimental side, the multilingual "Durare" and the wonderfully wonky "Delivery Pizza" bring new, unique sounds to the album. Overall, R. Dyer and R. Thomas manage to pack quite a few sounds and ideas into Hurricane, making the LP quite a fun and interesting listen for fans of many music genres.

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