Album Review: Hang Your Hopes on a Crooked Nail, by Rod Picott

Rod Piscott album.jpg

Hang Your Hopes on a Crooked Nail

Hang Your Hopes on a Crooked Nail is Rod Piscott's sixth studio album in a career that spans an impressive 15 years. The album is pure down-to-earth Americana music, combining the charm and rural feel of country music and the rock sound of Bruce Springsteen. Rod Picott's soothing and earthy voice is at the musical forefront of the album, with an array of instruments filling in the rhythmic midtempo instrumentation, including a mandolin and slide guitars. The album has its quicker and louder moments, including the hopeful and reflective "Where No One Knows My Name." However, the album's best moments are the softer tracks, including the simple yet thoughtful "Bluebonnet" and "Mobile Home," which paint a realistic portrait of trailer-park life. Overall, Hang Your Hopes on a Crooked Nail is very laid back--a relaxing and reflective album--perfect for long drives on quiet, sunny afternoons and a worthy addition to the collection of country, Americana, or acoustic-rock fans.

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