Album Review: Gravy Nation (self-titled)

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Gravy Nation

Headed by frontman Christopher Hunt, along with guitarist Ryan Shickman and drummer Billy Thompson, Gravy Nation began in 2014 right here in Davis and has since grown in popularity due to a solid live act and their first LP, the self-titled Gravy Nation. The rock band is reminescent of pop-punk groups like Better Than Ezra and Green Day but with greater pop sensibility that brings to mind 90s Britpop and classic rock from the late 60s and early 70s. Tracks include "Disconnected Brain," a funky, multifaceted alternative tune that demonstrates Gravy Nation's range and talent, and "It's Too Late," a breezy pop tune that is relaxing despite the grunge vibe that permeates the entire LP. The band knows how to crank out a righteous and angry punk tune, as illustrated by "Boredom Blues," whose lyrics convey the inherent insecurity and restlessness that comes with boredom, and "Day Wrecker," which might be the strongest song on the album thanks to it's anthemic guitar work and infectious bass. All in all, Gravy Nation is a dynamite first LP that bolsters the local music scene and shows fantastic promise for the band. 

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