Album Review: Goody Bag, by Lew Hopson

Goody Bag, released by Houston-based R&B artist Lew Hopson, is the third full-length relase in his short career. The musical spectrum on the album ranges from melodic and thoughtful low-tempo R&B to righteous rockers such as title and lead track "Goody Bag." Lew Hopson's solid but unspectacular vocals anchor the album throughout, while multi-instrumentalist Tom Moncrieff handles the majority of the instrumentation, including the recorded Guitars, Drums, and Horns. Moncrieff also chips in on the writing front, although Hopson pens the majority of the songs. Taken as a whole, the album gives off a laid back and optomistic vibe, especially on the tunes "Best Best Friend" and "Learn to Let Go," both of which are hopeful and insipirational jams. Overall, the album is enjoyable, if not groundbreaking R&B, perfect for a lazy, sunny afternoon, and a welcome addition to an R&B collection. 

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